Do not miss this coming session of the Hands-on Laryngeal Reinnervation Masterclass


Hands-on training opportunity with cadavers.



We are pleased to announce that Prof. Jean-Paul Marie will be holding and conducting a two-day Masterclass of the "Hands-on Laryngeal Reinnervation Course". 

The course will take place in November on the 4th and 5th at the Medical Training Center of Rouen, in France.


What will you learn?

- Learn about the indications and techniques of reinnervation in uni and bilateral laryngeal paralysis;

- Hypoglossal nerve branches anatomy;

- Intralaryngeal anatomy of recurrent laryngeal nerve and branches;

- Anatomy of phrenic nerve roots;

- Nerve Suture.


Live case observation

Familiarize with the new theoric applications.

Hands-on cadaver

Practice acquired skills in order to further apply them on patients.


Niamat U.


"Many congratulations on conducting a excellent workshop with nice cadaver dissection . Such surgery need a human being like you having deep knowledge and be patient while performing nerves surgery of the neck."
"I met all my learning objectives during the course. It was an excellent course that was worth my while coming from far away. Thank you!"