Dernek Başkanımızdan Balkan Kongresi Açılış Konuşması

Dear presidents, dear delegates,  dear neighbors, dear sisters, brothers and friends, welcome to our congress that brings together ENT physicians from the Balkans to Near Asia. We are extremely happy to host you in Istanbul, where continents, civilizations and people meet.

I would like to thank Congress President Prof. Dr Metin Önerci and the Organizing Committee for their efforts and inviting me to speak. I believe that the congress will continue with great success as it started with great excitement.

I believe that, as nations of a common geography and common history, we can build a common future. I think we are doing our duty as physicians in this regard. This meeting we held is the best example of this.

It will be a great success if our cooperation continues with training and joint works. I hope that this congress will set an example for other branches of medicine and that cooperation and communication will spread to all fields. I would like to state that we, as the Turkish Ear, Nose and Throat and Head and Neck Surgery Association, will do our part in this regard.

As I conclude my words, I wish Palestine and the world full of peace. Have nice days and memories in Istanbul.