2021 2nd KORL-HNS International Visiting Fellow Scholarship



KORL-HNS Scholarship for International Visiting Fellows



 Korean Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (KORL-HNS) offers scholarship program for international visiting fellows in Korea.  

 Through the generous support of our donor Global Medical Inc. Association., the Korean Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery awards in a KORL scholarship program to junior academics from developing countries in order to participate in International Visiting Fellowship at Korean otolaryngology institutions (arranged independently by the candidate). 

 The scholarship program is open to all candidates who meet the eligibility requirements. One specialist in each field of otology, rhinology and head & neck surgery will be selected and provided about USD $5,000 for six months (monthly stipend of USD $800 (800,000 KRW). If you want to continue for more than six months, you can re-apply before the program ends and get priority when selected (available only once more, up to 12months in total).

Candidates can choose one or more training programs in multiple institutes that they want. The list of available training institution will be uploaded on the official web site. 

 The applicant should contact the PI of the desired training institution and receive permission in advance. A permission document containing the signature of the PI and the applicant should be submitted when applying for the scholarship program. After acceptance, awardees should start the scholarship program within 1 year or else the awardee will be disqualified from the program. If awardees stop the scholarship in the middle, subsequent amount will not be provided.

 After completion of the scholarship, certificate of scholarship completion will be provided by the chair of the Korean Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Awardees should submit a report on the result or achievement of their observer ship, and also present it at the International Congress of ORL-HNS next year.



Eligibility requirement: 

Applicants must 

- Join the international membership in KORL-HNS at the website at first.

- Have a certificate of otorhinolaryngology specialist of your country.

- Have been recommended by the otorhinolaryngology society of your country or by the senior professor.

- Be able to speak and understand English to a level sufficient to function in a research or clinical role.

- Work as an international visiting fellow in Korea for at least 6 months.


How to apply: 

The mode of applying is online: e-mail to [email protected]

All candidates should sign up as the international member of KORL-HNS at the official website of KORL-HNS in advance.

A complete application must contain the following documents:

- Applicant form

- Curriculum vitae / Resume

- Copy of passport / ID

- Health checkup documentation

- Certification of otorhinolaryngology specialist

Permission letter by the PI of the training institution

Letter(s) of recommendation

- The list of publication 

- Detailed information on the proposed research or clinical project: A personal statement describing your career interests and goals, the program or institute that you are interested in. Please be specific about your clinical interests, your goals for your fellowship, including the types of surgeries you wish to observe.


Application deadline: 

 August 31 (Tue.), 2021 will be the application deadline for the 2021 scholarship program.


Selection Criteria: 

Applications for the ‘2021 KORL-HNS Scholarship for International Visiting Fellows’ will be accepted through August 31, 2021. The fellow(s) selected to receive the scholarship will be notified by October 2021, and the scholarship will be formally awarded at the International congress of KORL-HNS (ICORL) in KINTEX(Gyeonggi) on Apr. 21-24, 2022. The scholarship recipient is expected to appear at ICORL 2022  to receive the award.


Requirements for fulfillment

- The honored winners who will join the scholarship should join the fellowship program at least in a year.

- If he or she is not able to join the fellowship program in a year, the committee will make a cancellation for selection of scholarship.

- If he or she will not complete their 6 months program, the committee will stop their scholarship payment.

- Upon completion of the scholarship, fellows are required to submit a written report containing research progress and describing experience as visiting fellows.

Fellows are required to attend International Congress of ORL-HNS (ICORL) which will be held the next year and to present their research work at oral or poster presentation session.


Yang-Sun CHO, M.D., Ph.D.


The board of directors,



Yoon Woo, KOH, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, International Affairs,

The Board of Directors,



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