Rhinoplasty Video Symposium Paris 2018 Coming Soon!

At the end of January, a very unique rhinoplasty meeting will take place in Paris. It gathers twenty world rhinoplasty leaders involved in the latest innovations in rhinoplasty. They will present the details of all the primary rhinoplasty techniques through short focused videos. All those videos will be then commented by Rollin Daniel, Dean Toriumi and Rick Davis, and discussed by the faculty.

Every attendee will thus know how to perform all the up to date techniques in rhinoplasty presented by their creators, but also their indications, advantages and drawbacks after the discussions with the faculty. For instance, the new knowledge of nasal anatomy and its clinical impact will be presented by P Palhazi and R Daniel, the concepts of lateral compartment of the nose reinforcement will be described by D Toriumi, the lateral crura tensioning and alar rim structuring will be developed by R Davis, the use of piezo surgery in rhinoplasty (ultrasonic rhinoplasty) will be explained by O Gerbault, A Goksel, J Rowe Jones, V Zholtikov, the push down procedures will be detailed by Y Saban (closed approach) and A Goksel, J Jurado (open approach). The current treatment of twisted noses, septal deviations and functional issues will be treated by expert facial plastic surgeons: F Apaydin, C East, O Friedman, G Marcells,  S Most, Y Saban…  The latest tip refinement techniques will be explained by B Cakir, R Daniel, M Kovacevic, R Kridel. The effective treatment of thick skin patients will be detailed by A Kosins with the newest insights on skin preparation and management.  The newest concealment grafts using PRF combined or not with microfat will be presented by M Kovacevic. The most famous experts in closed rhinoplasty (B Cakir, O Friedman, Y Saban) will compare their techniques with open rhinoplasty users.

2 hours will be devoted to medical rhinoplasty, with 4 live demonstrations of fillers for the nose, the chin, the forhead by world experts of medical rhinoplasty chaired by Val Lambros, with discussions on the indications, advantages and risks of medical rhinoplasty.

The last day will end by keynote lectures given by R Daniel, D Toriumi and R Davis.
Finally, a competition of the best video will be gifted by a 1000€ price and all the videos will be commented by the faculty.

Send your videos to: IRRS2018@gmail.com before January 14th.

Come and share the current practical knowledge on open and closed rhinoplasty by world rhinoplasty innovators. The registration price is 600€ : just click here.

Were looking forward to meeting you all in Paris, the capital of fashion, food, culture …and rhinoplasty for 2 days.